Tuesday, January 08, 2008

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This Is Amy Winehouse

In case you were wondering what the fuss is about, I'll lay it down for you.

"They say I've gotta to to Rehab, and I say, no, no, no' " - the opening line of her single crystallizes Amy Winehouse - she's written a new song about her own substance abuse problems in the style and shape of a mid-60s Motown classic.

I'm always happy when something quirky and high-quality gets noticed, so I was when Amy got 6 Grammy Nominations, including for Best Song, Best Album, and Best New Artist. Amy's a household word now in her native UK, but she's gotten very little radio play in the US. But word has gotten around, and the Grammy nominations should be a substantial boost. Her talent outshines all the bad press from her personal and drug problems. I hope she'll get it together.

Her album, 'Back to Black' is a remarkably solid collection of r&b gems with jazz and blues inflections..

Below is a sampling, Amy Winehouse 101.

Our Song of the Week, 'Love Is A Losing Game'

Her signature song, the Motown-esque 'Rehab'...

But it's 'You Know I'm No Good' that's gotten light US airplay...

Cartoon du Jour:

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