Thursday, January 24, 2008

I´m flying home tonight. This Mexico insta-trip was produtive but grueling. Last night we sat in 2 hours of traffic en route to the airport - only to face a 3 hour delay. Didn´t get to bed until 2am. Nobody said glamour would be easy. :-)

No, I Regret Nothing

That's a rough translation of Edith Piaf's signature song - or one of them. Her other emblem is 'La Vie En Rose,' or, 'Life Through Rose Colored Glasses,' which is the title of a better-than-average French biopic of the singer. This film is good, but watching it elevated to specialness by the mesmerizing performance of Marion Cotillard as Piaf.


1. Four Words That Encapsule: "Candle In Le Vent"

2. Haiku (5/7/5):
"From brothel to grave,
Street waif sang her joys and pains;
French candle burned out."

3. Oblique Comment(s): Cotillard literally becomes Piaf, from a tough, coarse young street singer through a meteoric career that left her a drug-addled wreck. It's a tour-de-force for Cotillard, first of all because she's 5'7" and Piaf was 4'11," and second because she's convicing as both young Piaf and old Piaf, each with its distinct voice, posture, facial expressions, and body language. She seems to sing the songs, though they're lip-synced to the unforgettable originals. Highly, highly recommended.

4. Insight: The film wisely darts back and forth in time, revealing pieces of the puzzle that was Piaf's life. It's a real eye-opener for those unfamiliar with her raw, pained, passionate personality of her life story, whose background, exploits, fast friends, uneasy lovers are compelling and paint quite a tableau of her life and times.

5. Link:
Metacritic reviews summary. Average of 66, like a B or B-; I'd give it at least B+, 75-80. I really liked this film. My hairstylist, Sasha, said it inspired her to resume studying French!

And here's a two-minute clip of the real Edith Piaf singing 'Je Ne Regrette Rien" for you with subtitles so you can savor the richness of the lyrics:

The trailer for 'La Vie En Rose':

Paul Lynde Snappy Answer of the Day:

Q: True or false? Your teeth are about the same size and shape as a pig's.

Lynde: Look who's talking, Beaverface.

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