Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Projector Glitch

Last night at the movies, while we watched 'There Will Be Blood,' at a crucial moment the screen went blank, the lights went on, and confusion reigned.

Minutes later, the movie resumed and the lights dimmed.

After the show, we realized why the lobby was thickly crowded - management was handing out free movie ticket vouchers to apologize for the glitch.

Over The Desert and Through The Sand..

... to grandmother's house we go...

My Mom lives in Arizona, in a section of Gilbert called 'Val Vista Lakes.' Here's a satellite map of the area...

Here's a road map of the Phoenix area, the 'Valley of the Sun' - it shows my Mom's place in Val Vista Lakes and my sister lives in Eastern Mesa, about a mile north of Gilbert.

My Mom's street

It's a semi-gated community...

... with a combination lock....

My Mom in her den/library/office...

Cartoon du Jour:

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