Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Melody Day

I never could resist a slice of mid-60s prettiness. I just go hippy dippy crazy.

Today's Song/Video of the week is the ├╝ber-pretty 'Melody Day,' by Caribou, the latest pseudonym of Canadian dream pop singer/songwriter Daniel Snaith. It's from his equally lovely 'Andorra' album.

Sample lyric: 'Melody day what have I done / Now our hearts are locked up tight again.'

Snaith chose the name 'Caribou' while high in the woods. He previously went by 'Manitoba' until threatened with a US lawsuit by Richard 'Handsome Dick' Manitoba of the 70s punk band Dictators.

The video is most imaginative and interesting to watch, which doesn't surprise me at all:

Cartoons du Jour:

Logic of this cartoon? Reminds me of the sniglet 'Checkuary,' refering to the period of January in which you're still writing the previous year on your checks...

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