Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

We'll celebrate with an Aaron-o-Rama of pictures, but first a two-minute treat, the first video by my beloved Vampire Weekend, four Columbia grads who fuse collegiate wit with African musical styles in a catchy and endearing way, much like Paul Simon did in Graceland.. Their album finally came out yesterday to rave reviews!

My favorite lyric: 'The Argentines collapse in defeat / the admiralty surveys the remnants of the fleet...'

Here's Mansard Roof:

Aaron-o-Rama... Then....

Let them eat cake...

the boy with the conical hat...

finger in the cookie jar, again? (that's my Mom on the wall, btw)

so seductive, even at age 6....

Aaron-o-Rama... Now...

at work...

at play.. I ain't over no hill....

in Arizona...

speaking at a Mexico conference..

Paul Lynde Snappy Answer of the Day:

Q: In The Wizard of Oz, the Lion wanted courage and the Tin Man wanted a heart. What did the Scarecrow want??
Lynde: He wanted the Tin Man to notice him.

Cartoon du Jour:

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