Monday, January 28, 2008

The Food Journey: Rocking Horse Returns

A week ago, on Martin Luther King Day, I treated myself to a sumptuous delivery from Chelsea's favorite gourmet, nouvelle cuisine, vaguely-Mexican-inspired restaurant.

We started with a special, White Bean Soup w Scallions - simmered in lightly spiced tomato salsa base, for a tangy taste

Our Main Dish: Chiltepe Chile Crusted Tuna with chorizo-poblano studded wild rice and sweet corn emulsion. The tuna tender but dusted with chile joy, while the chorizo-wild rice-corn emulsion serves as a loving, complementary warm flavor bath.

For dessert: Valrhona Chocolate Tortita. This extremely rich ring of chocolate with spice is offset by cinnamon ice cream. A feast for the senses.

And here's a panorama of my place setting. I dined alone that night.

Paul Lynde Snappy Answer of the Day:

Q: In Alice in Wonderland, who kept crying, "I'm late, I'm late"?
Lynde: Alice. And her mother is sick about it.

Cartoons du Jour:

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