Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Food Journey: Bonefish Grill

I have such a headache, the arctic New York air seeping into my room. Thomas is visiting, we dined at Cola's on 8th Ave & W 17th, where I had pasta for the first time in ages. Where have all the carbos gone, long time passing.... Below, after the pictures: a Saturday Morning Cartoon - today's is only a minute and a half, but it is awesome!

Capping a rather short five-day holiday break with my family, the 'farewell dinner' was at upscale, well-decorated gourmet Bonefish Grill.
Here's their emblem. You can see my reflection in the window.

My brother-in-law went for the spicy Diablo Shrimp Fettucine.

My nephew Dan, now as tall as me, chose this lobster-and-steak Surf N Turf.

I had swordfish steak in creamy scallop sauce, juicy squash-like strings of jicama, and steamed vegetables.

More art-deco bonefish adorned the walls...

Saturday Morning Cartoon!
Coyote FINALLY catches Road Runner...

Paul Lynde Snappy Answer of the Day:

Q: What made the monkey cry?
Lynde: Learning that Tarzan swings both ways.

Cartoons du Jour:

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