Friday, December 21, 2007

Waiting For Pop

My ear, that is. The left one. To pop. Though s'pose that would be your right. I'm writing this last night, Thursday. If only my ear would clear. Then I would have clear ear. And I would cleared for take-off Saturday afternoon, when I hope to fly to Arizona to visit my family for the holidays. I wander in the desert of convalescene? Will today, Friday, be my turning point?

I have drunk immense quantities of orange juice. Somewhere there's a depleted grove with my name on it.

I was hoping to have seen Oscar-candidate films this week, and to review one such film for this morning's post. That did happen, me being stuck in bed in all. I did see a few good older films, which I'll share over the coming days... And I'll still be counting down my ten favorite albums of the year, from Saturday December 22 to New Year's Rockin' Eve...

Cartoon du Jour:

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