Saturday, December 29, 2007

The It's Great To (Still) Be Alive Dinner

On the mend, I ventured out with my camera and rented a few rare films. Flowers of many a color add sunshine to the premises. Finally, I brought out the fine china, ordered gourmet take out from Rocking Horse Cafe on 8th Ave near 18th St, and composed this lovely tableau:

The main dish, "Pollo en Pepián Verde," was free-range chicken breast morsels and grilled vegetables served in a spicy, thick pumpkin seed herb salsa. The rice was fluffy and garnished with 'pico de gallo,' a tomato-coriander-onion concoction that's no stranger to Rubio's or Baja Fresh.

Mixed Greens in Lime Vinaigrette.

There was also an awesome desert, even though I botched the photo - Ice Cream with Two Sauces - caramel swirl ice cream with warm chocolate sauce, cajeta (a Mexican cousin of 'dulce de leche'), and cinnamon tortilla crisps. This sumptuous delight remains locked in the inner memory of my camera - I'll fish them out somehow one day.

Here's the actual restaurant, seen from the sidewalk (as in lying down on. yes.) Rocking Horse describes itself as 'a uniquely elegant voice of New York with a warm Mexican accent that offers serious food in a casual environment.'

The restaurant's iconic horse sign...

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