Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I, Conn, Oclast

Bobby Conn both an original and an omnivorous adapter of styles and sounds, with a base in glam-rock. For all the primping and make-up, he's straight, married, and the father of a young toddler.

He's a bit 'out there' and is famous for publicity stunts and unlikely claims - He's claimed, falsely, to have cut off his ring finger, done time in Maryland, and invented 'continuous flow cash' to bring down the US economy. He later said 'Creativity is lying - my own story doesn't seem very interesting to me - you don't want to be who you are on stage everyday - what's the point in that?'

Another great 'Conn-ism' - 'I critique what's going on in America but I'm more of a vaudevillian than a political commentator '

This week's Song and Video of The Week is 'When The Money's Gone,' a lovely glam-rock ballad gem with an intriguing storyline and some great imagery.

After that, the title-track video, "King for a Day," quite different from "Money" but equally alluring.

Bobby Conn is very visual, and his videos are memorable. Here's "When The Money's Gone":

His wonderfully creative, evocative musical/video lament of a working guy's cheap transformation in a demi-monde of nightlife and sex, "King For A Day":

Cartoon du Jour:

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