Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thomas spent Xmas at Lake Tahoe. Emerson posted Hong Kong pictures.
Hope for America? McDonald's now sells as much chicken as they do beef.

I saw an ENT doctor yesterday, and I remain grounded, but hopefully will be cleared for flight when I see him again Monday at 9am. He says it's a slow recovery, but I've turned the corner.

Be Still My Jaded Heart

Music Countdown 2007 - My Favorite Albums continues...

#5 - LCD Soundsystem - "Sound of Silver"

Sound: Ironic, faux-blasé mix of dance music, punk, disco, and other styles, sometimes called ‘dancepunk’ – their lead singer James Murphy’s vocals are as endearingly cartoonish as David Byrne.

What’s So Special: Insight, humor and deft DJ skills make for highly listenable electronica – it manages to be both hip and critical of hip, and please both the club crowd and the club-averse.

Favorite Lyrics: 1) "New York's a great place if you can get someone to pay your rent;" 2) "Sound of silver makes you want to feel just like a teenager, until you remember the feelings of, a real live emotional teenager, then you think again..."

Fun Facts: 1) Murphy’s debut was the hilarious eight-minute ‘Losing My Edge,’ a laugh-out-loud funny pissing contest wherein a music snob rattles off his hip credentials and obscure musical influences to show how cool he is; 2) James Murphy owns DFA records and, as DJ and producer, has honed the funkily accomplished, tongue-in-cheek ‘DFA sound,’

And here's the music:

Here’s their futuristic, jittery and incisive ‘All My Friends..’

I have to laugh at a song called ‘North American Scum’ : -).. This clip starts to rock about 25 seconds in…

Cartoons du Jour:

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