Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wild Welsh Whimsy

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Super Furry Animals, the Welsh band that provides our Song/Video of the Week, 'Run Away.'

This song is just adorable.

SFA's unique sound is lush pop classicism - 'Run Away' would fit into 1967 or 1957 as easily as 2007 - spiced up with quirky orchestral flourishes and nods to both electronica and psychedlia.

Their videos are inventive and run the gamut from narrative brilliance to just plain pretty colors and lights, represented here by 'Run Away' and 'Juxtaposed,' respectively....

Run Away:

Juxtaposted With U:

The Furries have been chugging away since 1993, when bandleader Gruff Rhys launched them in their home city of Cardiff.

They also impress me by writing unforgettable, ├╝ber-catchy songs and then naming them something hopelessly esoteric (Juxtaposted With U, International Language of Scremaing) or even in Welsh (Ysbediau Heulog)..

Captionless Cartoons du Jour:

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