Sunday, November 25, 2007

Up, Up, Up, Up, Up

I visited David & Alex Friday in their brand new 18th floor apartment, high above 10th Avenue & 52nd Street... I managed to capture the views, without conveying their dominant presence in the apartment itself - it seems at times like a fourth wall of sunlight and sky...

Baby, it's cold outside! The temperature plummeted 30 degrees on Thursday and left New York icy and windy, though sunny. David & Alex, who've lived in warmer climates, are wisely bundling up.. David is pictured on the building's glorious rooftop terrace, Alex, in their lovely 18th floor apartment, prepares to face the elements..

Meet George Jetson... Jane, his wife... Futuristic touches abound in the spanking new building David & Alex call home. When you receive a package, this appears on a screen right over the mailboxes..

On Thanksgiving Gene showed me his carpentery workshop - serious machinery with sharp edges. I could tell Gene really knows what's he's doing here, from both the high quality of his handmade furniture and the presence of all ten of his fingers. : - )

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