Monday, January 09, 2006

Mexico 22

I'm a man on a mission today, and will fly 2,094 miles (3,370 kilometers) to Mexico City (pictured left) for a two-day special project. This will be my 22nd trip south of the border, my new record for number of visits to one country. I am not counting my two-hour misadventure cross the border at El Paso/Juarez last month. This will also be my 62nd business trip, my 53rd trip to Latin America, and my 96th foreign trip overall.

My record for trip length, btw, is 10,148 miles to Indonesia on business. The furthest city on Earth one to can fly from New York? Perth, on Australia's west caost, is 11,362 miles. The furthest anyone can travel on Earth from any point? Easy! 12,450 miles, or half the Earth's circumference. From New York, that would be a point in the Indian Ocean about 1,000 miles southwest of Perth...

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