Sunday, December 11, 2005

Imperialists? :-)

Fun Geography Fact at 5am - Puerto Rico has more people (3.9 million) than the world's remaining 36 'dependent territories' combined (3.6 million), making the US by far the world's largest contemporary 'colonial power.' Our 4.3 million 'subjects' represent 57% of the total population of non-independent lands. I'd say we were 'imperialists' except all that we support these people, bigtime, and they all have the much-coveted right to immigrate to the US proper. Besides PR, we have 5 other territories: Guam (168 thousand people), US Virgin Islands (108 thousand), North Mariana Islands (80 thousand), American Samoa (58 thousand), and poor little Johnston Atoll, which, with 368 inhabitants, has less people than the coop building I live in.

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