Sunday, December 04, 2005

I Heart My Suitcase

Reunited, and it feels so good... There's one perfect fit, and sugar, this one is it.. Nice to have pajamas again.

Last night, a wonderful evening with Emerson and his friends. His boyfriend Milton is an awesome cook, his dinner included duck confit, luscious spiced potato wedges, and a wondrous crudite salad (raw veggies & fruits) that symphonized my taste buds with the union of spicy and sweet, salty and bitter. Dessert? Ice cream over bananas dredged in spices and syrup.

We then went out for a drink at a lively gay venue with the moniker Gourmet. Sao Paulo now has dozens, maybe a hundred gay places, and whole neighborhoods that look like some wonderful outdoor carnival, like the Village when I was a teenager...

Interestingly, Emerson drove to Gourmet, which took 10 minutes, many turns, and spectacular luck to find an easy parking space for his SUV. So I was surprised to learn it's on his street, just six blocks away : - )

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