Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, Bart!!!!

And That's About As Far As I Can Go...

Over the (surprisingly) rolling hills of Missouri and Kansas (I expected it to be... flatter), I was up yesterday at dawn's early crack, four hours rolling through I-70, which connects St Louis to the two Kansas Cities. To take advantage of 9 hours of daylight, there's not much time to do tourism. This trip is about seeing the landscape and feeling the vast distances. My main quirk yesterday was an off-interstate trip from Topeka, Kansas northwest to Lincoln, Nebraska - if this had been on an interstate, it would have taken 90 minutes. Instead, I cruised four hours through snow-covered bare trees and grazing cattle, picturesque towns of brick and wood, frozen-over rivers and creeks - this was truly a trip highlight. Kansas City appears to be a major railroad hub, and railroad crossings were in abundance through out my countryside Kansas-Nebraska trek. I'm now at the Marriott in Lincoln, which is actually a decent-sized city, but with only a dial-up connection. Now, I'm off to bed. Got in touch with my friend Paul, who I hope to visit - probably Wednesday - in Corrales, New Mexico.

ps - title of this post is a humorous line, sung by Granny, from the song 'Kansas City' in the musical Oklahoma.. you know, 'everything's up to date in Kansas City...'

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