Monday, December 26, 2005

Don We Now Our DVDs,
Tra La La... Tra La La... Tra-La-La

On Xmas eve my family & I switched on the DVD player and watched 'Galaxy Quest,' a 1999 film parodying the Star Trek phenomenon - cult fascination with a long-cancelled science-fiction program. It's a slight but amusing confection, a soufflé of a film. It concerns a band of aging TV actors that have been reduced to appearances at supermarkets and sci-fi conventions, when they are unexpectedly approached by aliens in distress, who unwittingly misinterpreted TV signals as 'historical documents.' As they get lassoed into a actual space adventure, it's amusing watching the actors cluelessly attempting the real thing - i.e., when the starship leaves base, its exterior gets badly dented and scratched on the way out... Essentially it's a 2.5 to 3 star film if you, as I, know and love Star Trek, and rather pointless if you don't..

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