Monday, December 05, 2005

Dancin' The Night Away

Last night I had the most awesome time with Emerson & Milton & friends. We had drinks on the rooftop of Unique Hotel, very modernist and sleek, in an area of Sao Paulo that's all green with no skyscrapers. Then, grilled chicken on the run (we were on the run - the chicken was indeed dead). Then, we went alterna-dancing the night away at a great place that's very eclectic, with lots of college students and cool older people and some women. They did a late 80s/early 90s set with Depeche Mode, Cure, New Order, Love & Rockets, and others. Haven't enjoyed dancing like that in ages - I felt 22 again, especially when they played Human League's 'Dont' You Want Me..' : - )

From The Onion, my favorite feature, “What Do YOU Think?"

Question: “According to a leaked memo, President Bush talked about targeting the headquarters of Arabic news station Al-Jazeera in a meeting with Tony Blair in 2004. What do you think?”

Answer 1: "What, don't we have perfectly good TV stations to bomb right here in America?"
Answer 2: "God… Okay, so the president of the United States has to watch every single word he says now?"
Answer 3: "He did, but it wasn't for political reasons…Bush was upset because Al-Jazeera had canceled his favorite executions program."

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