Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cry Me A Mountain....

It's a movie you can think about for weeks, talk about for hours. So much is said in such quick but vivid brushstrokes. Last night I finally saw the beautiful, heartfelt, unflinching and devastating film that is "Brokeback Mountain." Seldom have I approached a movie with such high expectations and so much information, which the movie (happily) deflates and then grows into something different and rather amazing.. "Brokeback is concerned infinitely more with character-driven story-telling than sending any message, but achieves the same end by engaging and capturing you with a sad story of thwarted and forsaken love and dreams that feels very universal, but happens to be about two men who fall in love in an unaccepting time and place. As a gay man I was elated to see two men in love on a big screen, and while the sex content is economically and tastefully handled - it is sufficient to establish that we're talking about real, physical love that develops into a deep emotional bond. There's so much to say, and I don't want to spoil anything. Also, it's been said better by finer scribes that my modest self, so many incisive observations made with true poetry. We will have more to say in the weeks to come.

p.s. the beauty of both the actual Wyoming setting and of Alberta, where Brokeback was realy filmed, is no way exaggerated. I speak from experience.

Brokeback quote of the day, from Heath Ledger, who played Ennis: "It’s funny, they keep talking about how brave and how courageous it is and I keep saying, “No, it’s brave to be a firefighter, it’s courageous to be an NYPD officer.” I’m an actor; I’m observing, investigating and portraying a form of love and life. Believe me, I’m fine, I’m not hurt from it!"

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