Thursday, December 01, 2005

By A Hair

Mayhem! Near-Disaster! I realized yesterday, to my horror, that when I replaced my lost passport in May, I 'stupid failed failed' to replace my Brazilian Visa. Tomorrow night I need to fly to Brazil. Frazzled, I did a mad 'Keystone Cops' routine to assemble passport, photos, recommendation letter, itinerary, and other paperwork and made the deadline by about 7 minutes. With luck, late tomorrow I'll have my Brazil-ready passport in hand late tomorrow. With a cel phone that works south of the equator. But wait - another obstacle... My corporate Master Card declined both the Visa and the cel phone! Ugh! Why? Because the stupid design on the card makes it near-impossible to distinguish a '5' from a '3' in the expiration date. I fixed this, too. Another near-collision avoided...

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