Wednesday, December 21, 2005

600 Interstate Miles

Yesterday I rocketed across the flat Nebraska plain for 350 miles and then kitty-cornered into Colorado from the Northeast - 200 miles to Denver, and another 100 miles south to Pueblo (pictured left, presumably in summer.) This morning I woke up to beautiful Rocky Mountain views - all I saw of Colorado yesterday was its flat Northeast, Denver in a sunset traffic jam, and 100 miles of darkness to the South. I stopped in Sterling, Colorado, near Nebraska, for a late lunch of Chicken Fried Chicken - bread chicken, fried like steak, and drowned in delicious white gravy. It's not health food : - )

One disturbing note - 30 miles before Pueblo, at Colorado Springs, there was a sign on I-25 itself informing that the anti-gay group 'Focus on the Family - Visitor Center' was at the next exit. Don't these people have anything more meaningful to do with their lives than to wage a completely futile war against gay people?

Up today: 500-600 miles, but in two phases, bookend-ed around an early afternoon visit with my friends Paul & Susan in Corrales, New Mexico. I hope to finally arrive in Phoenix late Thursday...

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