Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Soul and My Blog-spiration

Half-empty? Half-full? See a good movie Saturday at 11am and you'll walk out at 1pm feeling like the weekend is infinite and full of life. Take refuge in an artistic project. It's a pretty day. But then the sun sets at 4pm, and breaks your heart...

Well, at least it was an amazing movie, 'The Dying Gaul,' Craig Lucas' (center of picture) intense and suspenseful relationship triangle story that spins to unexpected places. At the center is a bereaved gay scriptwriter - the extremely cute Peter Saarsgard (right), whose script - and sex- are pursued by a bisexual producer (Campbell Scott, above) whose artsy and sad wife (Patricia Clarkson, left), is also drawn in.

This becomes very riveting, very fast, a psychological game stepped into by accident, with anonymous on-line interchanges paralleling the story. Hard to explain, but hard to forget. Go see it.

Otherwise, I'm hard at work on my ambitious musical curating project - a 90s box set, by genre, trying to get one's hands around a very diverse, fragmented, niche decade. Stay tuned...

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