Tuesday, November 08, 2005


OK, I finished "Spellbound," and it isn't dull, despite its subject. So many obscure words in our English language - what's the point of correctly spelling 'kirtle,' anyway? Actually, I did know the winning word - logorrhea - 'a stream of incoherent, excessive talkativeness.' Now how did I know that?

Today is Election Day. But I'm working 24/7, I have to replace my missing reading glasses, desperately, Ferrer will just have to lose without me.

One advantage of working 11 hour days under extreme pressure is not reading the news obsessively. It's perverse, but I'm happier not knowing, sometimes. I'd rather focus my free time on music, books, movies, friends, and dating... : - )

And, oh yeah:

kirtle noun
1 - kirtle - a long dress worn by women
2 - kirtle - a garment resembling a tunic that was worn by men in the Middle Ages

Do you feel more enlightened, now?

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