Monday, November 14, 2005

Gimme Something Reel

Back into the fray I go....My workload is dizzying, and the next four weeks are an obstacle course on a minefield. But I'll rise to the occasion... Be it ever so humble... Nice visit with my family in Arizona, though. Just realized we're entering Oscar season. As per my calculations, there are 12 films currently playing that could be considered for an acting, directing, or writing award, and another 2 available on DVD (Crash, the Upside Of Anger). This leaves 15 high profile rumored-to-be-prize-worthy debuts, of which 4 in November and 11 in December. Will I do the reverse of last year, when I saw the winners and nominees mostly after the awards, on video. How many of these 29 films might I see before the end of February if I put my compulsive mind to the task

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