Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Danny and the Giant Peach

So I invited my smart, ever-taller nephew Danny, soon to be 12, to stop by my blog from time to time. It figures, all my inspirations this morning are hopelessly abstract and hard to understand. Well, Danny, at least you'll pick up some new vocabulary here. I'll try to include something fun for everyone, hence, my Giant Peach poster in French.

I've started 'reading' "The Hours," by Michael Cunningham, which is even more amazing and brilliant than the film it inspired. It's a thin book, but it's rich with insights and compelling characters and beautiful wordplay. Cunningham takes his inspiration, Virginia Wolff's stream-of-consciousness Mrs Dalloway, to many unexpected new places and plays out her themes among late-1990s gay New York artists. What a treat - every sentence is a jewel.

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