Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Challenging But Exhilirating

Another amazing, amazing film - beloved by many critics, despised my others, that was released in May and could garner some supporting actor nominations. Crash. by Paul Haggis, is a brilliant ensemble piece about racially charged post-9/11 L.A., with many intersecting plot lines, like 'Short Cuts' or 'Magnolia.' It starts out with deliberately charged racial material that rings true, and can help but feel devastating. But then the narrative takes some amazing, unpredictable turns. It has sweet moments as well as painful ones, and is ultimately powerful and full of life. There's lots to chew on and debate, if you see it with someone you may chat afterwards for hours. Among the many surprises: Ryan Philippé can really act, and is actually growing cuter with time, like fine wine. : - ) The great cast includes Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon and a very unplesant cast-against-time Sandra Bullock, as well as rapper Ludacris, who, also, can really act. The half-dozen lesser-known actors in major roles are equally impressive.

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