Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Busy Bodies.... Getting Meaner...

That's an old Elvis Costello lyric. What a morning! : - ) I ran out to have my shoes shined (first time since May?), and was so enthralled by this New York Magazine article on open marriages and 'managed monogamy' among heterosexuals that I left my jacket there as I scurried back out into the warm weather. Happily, was able to retrieve jacket later when I realized this. The moral: Tip generously, or at least decently - you never know when you might need a karma 'booty call.'

Last night dined with Pat Stumpp at Rossini, a high-class, boisterous but intimate Italian eatery on E 38th St. We left satiated but not stuffed. In the window: a surprisingly long dedication and autograph from George Bush père and Barbara thanking Rossini profusely for an unforgettable dinner.

Finished a delightful indepedent film last night, "Me You and Everyone We Know" that is quirky and observant as it meanders back and forth between a handful of LA adults and children trying to connect with each other. The director and screenwriter is a performance artist named Miranda July, whose characters aspires both to performance art and to a connection with a frustrated shoe salesman in mid-divorce who's just set his hand on fire in protest. But it really is a sweet movie, in the end. : - )

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