Monday, October 17, 2005

Subtle Strands So Say Much

A weekend of lazing around, brisk sunny weather, sore glands, and wonderful cinematic images comes to a close. I feel no less swollen for my good behavior : - ( And I have a 'blitzkrieg' business trip (leave tomorrow night, back wednesday night) to a country I've never seen tomorrow, 3 hours away. More on that, later. But first, kudos to "Loggerheads," a subtle and affecting film about the gay adopted son of an evangelical minister and his wife...

Well, it's more than that. There are three strands playing out in parallel, on three successive Mother's Day weekends, in three parts of North Carolina (mountain, plain, and seashore). The gay son, now a drifter, is HIV positive, jaded but fragile, and begins a friendship with a slightly older gay motel owner who takes him in (both pictured below). Meanwhile, his birth mother (above left) searches for him and his adoptive parents, especially his mother, regret not holding on to the son they rejected. The ending, while oblique and subtle, packs a wallop. Another great movie experience.

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