Saturday, October 29, 2005

More Than Butter

I'm watching "Last Tango In Paris," which is much more interesting than I anticipated. Sex-saturated, yes, but very complex characters and emotions, with brilliant direction and cinematography - every single frame is an interesting shot. Glad I waited to see this one. Twenty years ago, both the complexity and the artwork would have gone over my head. Our mercurial nature as human beings - unstable alloys, buffetted about by events present and past, by feelings and ghosts of feelings. Todd Solondz says we are 'unstable alloys of cruelty and kindness, insight and obtuseness.' I'm much less negative, but there is a tiny bit of hate in resentment in the most solid of love relationships - most exist on several levels, since each person contains several personality elements, put two people together and you have a lot of inter-acting permutations. See, I'm getting much more out of this movie than anal sex on a wood floor lubricated with cold butter. : - )

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