Friday, October 28, 2005

Long and Winding

November will be both. Starting Sunday, a miasma of mini-trips, conflicting projects, overdue reports, and quick scenery changes. I hope to spend some time in NY, too. I'm looking forward very much to Tuesday's Rufus Wainwright concert at Beacon Hall. Rufus (pictured above right) is a pop-operatic-confessional-showman-type singer, a gay icon at 31, a personal hero, and the scion of two families famed for musical talent and substance abuse. Born in New York's, his Mom's a Montreal-based Anglophone Candanian. But I could write about Rufus all day. I need to go write about Latin American companies. Oddly, the warm-up act is OK Go!, the obscure bubble-gum power-pop band whose name I appropriated for my blog!

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