Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Off-Year Election That Mattered?

I voted today, and it's the most intensely I've ever focused on a small election. turnout was way low, maximizing my impact. I made some tough decisions - I voted for Brian Ellner (pictured right) for Manhattan Borough President not just because he's gay & cute, but because a high-profile gay politician will benefit our cause. Scott Stringer probably deserves it more. There are seven candidates and no runoff, someone could win with as little as 20%, which is why Ellner's been camped out in Chelsea for the past two weeks. It's a crap shoot, but at least I got to choose from many good candidates.

As for the Democratic mayoral primary I don't feel strongly about any of the candidates, and voted for Weiner to shake things up since he has the best chance of upsetting Ferrer. I won't vote for Ferrer because he's Latino and he's been around forever. If he were gay, however... : - ) I'm actually fine with Bloomberg, anyway, I think he's a done a great job and is a democrat at heart.

In an hour, I'll be having Asian haute cuisine at a business dinner with Brazilian meat processors and intend to out myself once again if anyone asks if I'm married....

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