Monday, September 26, 2005

Luncheon cancelled two minutes later... Oh, well. At least can get some work done

Surprise lunch at Four Seasons today! Woo Hoo. Flying to the
DR tomorrow, foreign trip #93...

Johnny We Hardly Knew Yer Tree

My curiosity was piqued by an article on Chris Kennedy Lawford's memoirs. Was he the one from the Florida trial? Or the one that ran for governor of Maryland? Or the one that slept with his kid's babysitter? I just can't keep my Kennedys straight... Thus, I was thoroughly edified by a visit to their family tree... I hadn't realized the extent of their tragedy. One of JFK's sisters, Kathleen, died in a plane crash in 1948. Another, Rosemary, was developmentally challenged and was permanently interned in 1941 following a failed lobotomy. JFK was 8 years older than Bobby and 15 years older than Teddy. Bobby's widow, Ethel, was pregnant with their 11th (!) child (Rory Kennedy, pictured left) at only 40 when he was assassinated in 1968. Two of those children are dead - one of a drug overdose, another ski-crashed into a tree (that's babysitter man) the same month as Sonny Bono. Four of Ethel's other children were married, divorced, and re-married. And poor Rory, born without a father, whose 1999 dream wedding was marred by the tragedy of her cousin JFK jr's death. My favorite, and most cheerful, Kennedy fact: All three of JFK's grandchildren are Jewish! I'm referring of course to Caroline's three children, Rose, Tatiana, and John Schlossberg...

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