Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Oh, To Be 108 Again..

That's my favorite quote by 115-year-old Hendrijke Van Andel-Schipper (pictured left), who died today in the Netherlands, relinquishing the world's oldest person title to 115-year-old Elizabeth Bolden of Memphis, Tennessee, who turned 115 just two weeks ago. Hendrikje van Andel has stated that the secret to longevity is a serving of herring every day and drinking orange juice. On her 113th birthday she jokingly added "breathing".

There are 50,000 Americans over 100, but only 500 are expected to live until 110.

Did you know than Maine is the only US state with just one syllable, and is the only state to border on just one other state (New Hampshire)?

Four states have pan-handles, and four states have boot-heels. Can you name them? Did you know that Oregon was a state before the Civil War, and has been a state for 30 years longer than Washington? Do you know which three states were admitted during the Civil War?

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