Friday, August 05, 2005


Meaning downhill in a good sense, like a home stretch... Will it come together? : - ) Can I pull the threads of a hundred mangoes and spin something seamless and useful at work? Will anyone ever understand my mixed metaphors? Stay tuned... Last night, I had dinner with Pat and the Barking Dog, a dog-friendly eatery on E 34th St, with doggy fountains and dishes on the patio. That's where we dined, in the surprisingly fresh and dry 85F evening (which after a 93F day, feels delightful). Here's the menu, btw. I had strips of tuna steak dolloped with green caviar arranged in a mountain over mashed potatoes and garnished with broccoli. I washed it down with Pinot Grigio. I am underslept, overworked, and anxious. But I'm also 6 days from hiking in the Rockies. And that's the way it is...

Get on the bus with Thomas!


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