Friday, July 29, 2005

Sapa Celebration

Last night we celebrated the successful IANSA bond deal closing with a gourmet dinner for 12 at Sapa, the posh nouvelle-cuisine Vietnamese and French eatery just a few blocks east of where I live. Joining the five people from IANSA were my bankers Carlos & David, all our attorneys, and, later on, Mrs. Carlos. We all met at 8:30pm, after a little troubling finding the place behind construction - but the interior is a splendid spacious but minimalist atmosphere of translucent and transparent glass cubes, jade, and plants (see picture left). The evening's inebration came courtesy of white wine and 'cosmojitos,' which is exactly what it sounds like, a mojito structured as a cosmopolitan, topped with delicious mint.

We chose the tasting menu, a feast of originality, interesting flavors and textures, and pretty presentations, all in modest porportions, so that we left the restaurant thoroughly satiated but not stuffed.

Erik and I are close to deciding on our forthcoming vacation, now only two weeks away. I think we're set on a national park holiday in the Rockies, it's just a question of when, where, and how, which we're hoping to sort out today and tomorrow. More to come.

I'm hoping to see one of the following movies this weekend: My Summer Love, The Beat My Heart Skipped, Happy Endings, Last Days, Saraband, and Me You and Everyone We Know.


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