Thursday, July 07, 2005

Embarrassing Moment!

At Starbucks, I waited for my grande, skim, no-foam latte, until the barista placed it before me. Lifting it, I realized it was too light, full of foam, and prepared to complain. I lifted up the lid, plunged my finger into the latte, and was going to say 'see - it's all foam' when a voice behind me growled 'you didn't have to stick your finger in my coffee, you know' : - ) It hadn't even occurred to me that the latte before me was somebody else's order. Oops! I apologized, admitting that this was my dumbest move of the year (any other nominations?). The customer was placated, but the barista was pissed, forced to re-make a coffee, at his expense, while a long and growing line of yuppies expressed impatience in various passive and aggressive ways...

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