Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Challenges In Hair Design

I'm home, sweet home, mostly free of jet lag, and in thick of several matters I'd be wise not to discuss here : - ) For some reason, I have porcupines on my mind. I saw a rat scamper by my feet in the 23rd St subway station this morning, and quickly disappear through a hole in the wall. New York lost the olympics. Happily, we still have a few other things going for us... : - ) Interesting anecdotes lie ahead, as soon as I have time to compose them...

Thomas visited Curitiba, Brazil's 'showcase' city for urban planning, and has posted a special page with a fascinating photo portrait - don't miss it. Curitiba is in Southern Brazil's temperate zone and is populated mostly by the descendants of German, Italian, and Jewish immigrants. Lots of blond people roam its well-designed streets...

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