Friday, June 24, 2005

White Hair and a Polo Mallet

It's cloudy here. It's in between 40-50F, less of an abrupt transition than I thought - My body calendar feels somewhere in between Halloween & Thanksgiving. At left: José Manuel Balmaceda, President of Chile from 1882-1888, whose great-grandson Fernando Balmaceda I worked back in 1989 in Argentina. Fernando, then a credit trainee, was limping from a polo accident. His older brother, I recall, was a professional polo player. I think his branch of the Balmaceda clan moved to Argentina during Chile's communist experiment under Allende. Fernando is a great guy, and he sported a head of white hair well before his 30th birthday.

Well, I've rambled enough, I've got to go shower and check out, get to my meeting, and then catch my 4pm flight, which, 18 hours later, will deposit my tired posterior in London. I'll continue to post daily throughout this vacation, so check here for an update of my adventures. Tomorrow's post will be late, since I arrive in London at 2pm.



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