Sunday, June 05, 2005


Another beautiful weekend day. Feeling better, little by little. Will definitely have to get out into the sun.

Hopefully, I'll have something interesting to report later.

Ridiculous quotes:

1. "It depends. Are you coming from the north or south?" -- A man, when asked if one should turn east or west after getting off the freeway.

2. "When I press on my brakes, the car doesn't stop. Do you think this is something I should have fixed?" -- Asked of a worker at an auto repair shop.

Marquee Ads With Missing Letters:

1. "Now hiring losers." -- A marquee notice for "Hot 'n Now" fast food. The "c" in "closers" was missing.

2. "Try our new zesty owl." -- A marquee ad at Kentucky Fried Chicken. The "b" in "bowl" was missing.

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