Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I've Seen The Future, And It Works...

I'm still giddy about 2 million people turning out for Sao Paulo, Brazil's gay pride rally last weekend. This is a watershed in Latin America, and a huge boost. I suspect that, as happened here in the early 1990s, visibility and familiarity will foster acceptance and appreciation. Thomas, who's living there a few months, was an eyewitness. Later this week, I'll post some photos from our Brazilian friend Emerson.

It appears I'm getting sicker - time to call Dr. F... Since getting back, it's been mostly work, cold medicine, and sleep.

This sign says 'Civil Unions - Now!' - Equal Rights!' Will Brazil have this before the U.S.? Could be. There's no large, organized, media-savvy religious right down here to campaign against it...


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