Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm Melting Away, Melting Away

It's North of 90F here in NY, and it feels brutal. I pretty much stuck to an air-conditioned crescent of my apartment, movie theaters, and eateries this weekend.

By the way, you can't fry an egg on the sidewalk. Cooking an egg requires temperatures in the 140F-150F range, unlikely to occur on any US sidewalk, even in Pheonix or Death Valley in August, confirms Steve Pool of KOMO 1000 News Seattle.

I confirmed my vacation plans, which would be my 92nd foreign trip. I'll be spending the week before July 4, and both its adjacent weekends, in Paris and Amsterdam with close friends. It may be my 26th trip to Europe, but I'm hoping it'll be my first experience driving there, as we plan to rent a car to go from Paris to Amsterdam and back.

You may wonder: 92nd trip? Hasn't Aaron travelled abroad 90 times? Correct! Three days before my vacation I'm set for a two-day foray down to Chile, follow-up on the project we commenced last month. That's three nights on airplanes in a five-day period. Yikes.


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