Saturday, May 28, 2005

Winds of change blowin' thru latin america - TWO MILLION gay people have descended on Sao Paolo, Brazil for Gay Pride Weekend, going on as I write this. That's quite a takeover, even for a city of 20 million plus. Thomas, in the thick of it, has posted great photos.

"Downtown" Caribbean

It's very pretty and sunny here, if somewhat hot and sticky.

If this is downtown carribean, then it's downtown carribean circa 1511. Lots of cobblestone and whitewashed brick, towers, cannons, and cathedrals. More museums - all of them ye olde buidlings - than in the rest of the carribean combined (not counting San Juan, which also has an a beautiful historic center). And it's very uncrowded, as most of the non-cultural tourists are 20 blocks away on the boardwalk, enjoying the discos and casinos. For tomorrow, i've hired a driver and will head east to visit some pristine beaches with milky white sand and gentle waves of azure blue. Before then, I must procure a bathing suit and some gentle azure sunblock 60 : - )

More photos:

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