Sunday, May 15, 2005


Well, Erik's computer ate the first version of this post, so I'll be brief. His 50th birthday bash was lovely and all too short. The venue was Tapeo, probably the prettiest and most delicious Spanish dining experience outside of Spain, and priced reasonably at that. Tapas served included sizzling garlic shrimp, duck in raspberry sauce, thin beef tenderloin slices marinated, sauteed and served on toast, and gourmet sausage in spiced fig syrup. We eulogized Erik as we ate, drank, and were merry. I've known Erik for 21 years, and finally met his sister and high school friends...

Did you know that Erik's Mom, Helen 'Dalton Belle' Andersen, took four years of high school Spanish, worked at SAS the Scandinavian airline, has Bavarian grandparents, and can raise a toast in German? Just ask her, she'll gladly elaborate for you in generous detail...

I'm off to visit my Aunt Lorraine and back to New York. Very busy month on the move. Later.

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