Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Secret Agent, Man...

Johnny Rivers, of course, sang "Secret Agent," the 1966 theme to a British spy show, as well as his classic "The Poor Side Of Town." I myself will be a Secret Agent, headed for an unnamed South American country next week on a Secret Mission.

So I'd better get my new passport, pronto! If this trip happens, it'll be my 29th to South America, my 49th to Latin America, and my 89th foreign trip overall. Many trips ahead, if I'm calculating correctly - this may be a big travel year, mostly business but also pleasure.

Check out Thomas' blog for some exquisitely poor urban planning - Oscar Niemeyer's Monument to Latin America in São Paolo...

More movie reviews coming if a get a chance. Lots of birthdays coming up... I leave you with a fresh cartoon:

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