Sunday, May 22, 2005

Might As Well Be In The Himalayas

Sorry I haven't been posting. Friday I was off touring factories in Chile, with no computer access, Saturday I was jet lagged, and today I was out on an eight-mile hike with my gay Sundance brethren along a mountain ridge near the Delaware River Gap, on the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border. Last night I saw the most amazing film, 'Black Narcissus', in which nuns trying to found a mission/convent in the Himalayas are undone by psychological and sexual stirrings. Filmed in glorious technicolor, this was another gem in the Michael Powell retrospective currently showing at Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater. My heartiest thanks to my pal Fernando for this invitation. Netflix has this crisp cinematic wonder, I can't recommend it enough to you all. You'll recall I saw The Red Shoes in this same retrospective, I look forward to further exploration of Powell's colorful and gripping oeuvre.

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