Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Happy Birthday, Pat!

Today's the birthday of my dear friend Pat, pictured here on Fire Island six years ago (time flies). Pat and I go back to my very earliest days in the work force, in the international divison of Manufacturers Hanover Trust, then a sleepy commercial bank (that slowly evolved into JPMChase through a long series of mergers.) Pat is a fellow linguist and plays the violin. One of my nicest memories is of her performing for us after dinner at my birthday party about half a decade ago...

Pat grew up on Long Island, and her Mom and sister still live in Levittown, one town over from East Meadow, where my family lived for three decades and where I spent my teen years.

So in two days i'm off to the Caribbean for the first time, but it's not a beach vacation. I'll be staying in Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the Western Hemisphere, exploring their well preserved historic center with its many cathedrals and museums. I will try to get out into the countryside for at least one day.

Some cartoons for your pleasure:

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