Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Going Well After All

Things are going better than I expected. Missing customers showed up after all, so I have 5 guests instead of 2, which looks decidedly more solid. The meetings have been interesting. At left is the beautiful inner courtyard of the Four Seasons, which my hotel room and conference room both look out on. And Mexico City is as sunny as ever, a delightful place, if, like me, your eyes aren't bothered by air pollution (I don't even notice it - Mexico City seems so green to me). Buffet lunch today will include tortilla soup, a delicious and savory tomato-based broth with tortilla strip, crunchy black pepper rings (yum), avocado, onion, chives, fresh cilantro. What a treat. Another local speciality is miniature multi-colored tortillas, the size of a half dollar, containing salsa, avocado, and crunchy morsel which are actually flash-fried worms. yes, worms. more later. xo Aar

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