Wednesday, April 20, 2005

read about Pie Throwing, that great American tradition...


Saturday afternoon my guests and I checked out the vast glass-scapes and high ceilings of MOMA's new, improved, user-friendly building. Here's BBC's picture slide show of it. Three years in the making, and well worthing waiting for, I'm happy to report. Frankly, it's blocked out the memory of the old building, but I'd hazard a guess that exhibition space is probably doubled. Current exhibits include UBS's fabulous modern art collection and a multimedia look at reclaimed public spaces around the world. The ceilings are higher, and, alas, so is the admission, now $20 a head. No skin off my back for the moment, but isn't art supposed to be accessible to everyone?

Had a lovely dinner last night at Bottino, an intimate Italian eatery nestled at W 24th & 10th Ave, in the heart of the Gallery Archipelago.

My list of Netflix Friends grows, now 8 people strong, and Neftlix has fleshed out and enhanced the Friends feature, complete with quizzes on your friends' taste.

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