Thursday, March 10, 2005

My server was down yesterday, but I did post this!

Translating It Was Somewhat Misplaced

Still in Argentina, Thomas is having fun and posting great pictures. He also called my attention to these Dancing Empanadas.

I'm always fascinated by how American movie titles get translated in foreign markets. Latin America is famous for altering the title to tell you more about the movie. "Rebecca - An Unforgettable Woman," "Shark" instead of "Jaws", and best of all, "The Powerful Head Of The Mafia," just to make sure Brazilians understood the Godfather wasn't about a baptism. : - )

More Recent Examples:
"Closer" became "Closer: Taken By Passion" and "Closer: Too Close"
"The Fockers" became "The Fockers: My Husband's Family" and "The Fockers: In Even Worse Trouble."
"Sideways" became "In Between Drinks" and "Sideways: Between Some And Others"
(that director's previous movie became "Confessions of Mr Schmidt" )
"Vera Drake" became "The Secret Of Vera Drake"
"Ocean's Twelve" became "The New Great Swindle"

Three glasses of plum wine, straight up, animated my Peking Duck dinner with old pal Patricia Stumpp, celebrating her new job at Citigroup.


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